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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EST

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julie picked gold medals under his belt and three stanley cup stews name. knows a thing or two about winning what does it take to stand tall when the podium how do you mold it doesn't superstars one super team who can take gold this time. either let you all know if the legendary hockey player it's really great to have you on our program today so which team will you be supporting. well i've got my russian passport and. my we can call the team russia and in any discipline in the olympics and going to hockey is always the way it went when you were playing in america where i was working for russia i didn't want to. go into the russian sort of hockey system and obviously. i played this for you from the effects in eighty four eighty eight in two thousand and two. and my my heart and my my roots back home here in the russia and especially. these two weeks in sorcery series it's
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very very important to. the russian athletes hockey players and then everybody else to do they best and to bring some. little piece of glory to the russian people but this your heart talking a lot about your had on your hawking to you know how you are you know what it's that's that's the good that's a good question but the same time when you watch and. i have hockey it's a basket you can imagine. i see you know these days because it's the best against the best and i. cannot i cannot so your question it certainly is more than just like i would do for somebody just trying to see if any new. tendencies of the hockey game. will be developing sort to be so nice to see. maybe some. remarkable skill from player some which is they can show one game on the line and a game game like russia or us and it's a. nail biting game like
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a two two and overtime and the shootout at the most like a quasi hockey game but how fair is it for a you know what to look in a shootout at some thinking it's probably like a lottery does it really define which team is better if you win in a shootout you know what i will do because big federal. system which has been the input by a few years few years ago but that's the rules international rules and then the children during the season but in the playoffs usually sat in that overtime in the north america in the in the europe or the missional scene sort of that's going to different sort of course of that i don't think is fair because you want to go wild and in the game in the five hundred five or four or four against four in overtime but most of the show i was about it's. you know bring some excitement to the game and the friends were cheering and there was actually a very nice atmosphere and in the building but if you look at the american team i
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mean they're like super young they have no olympic experience is that even a factor this is a matter who you know want to know they have some experience or they have some of you guys coming back from vancouver games and. of course i. know really well the g.m. of the team you say brian burke and fred sure by my initial days and and even now my and my agency works or and those people do know the game well so i noticed the coach. sonic option from go should be in the bowels of most stories he knows the game well too saw it's a young team but it's well assembled and a really good chemistry between the young players and they you know they can go. far in this olympics most of these players are now playing in eighteen eighteen n.h.l. is more important to play there and make money than actually prepare for the olympics and forge a team chemistry together the next time i want to knowing i don't know it's. is
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this is that in ninety years time and the cello took a break and then in the season when this in the old and the chill guys to play in japan in the not going to the picks and the day. these you know i mean hockey is the main event you know i don't care what anybody said about it was getting oratorical all the respect and other sports about hockey because you got so many superstars to play and to play against each other so it's not every time you can see. around the wall it's like i will cup of soccer so about it this is and shell players coming to you and play. especially can olympics and and the players to comment play and to be proud of their country so i think it's a make. or it could be and you know for the players because of that that's why. once the four years you know and you have a chance to represent your country and you have a chose to go with google for the gold or you can lose for example and got away
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thanks to him for four years and there's no guarantee they're going to be the. plane again for the team you have i mean it would seem russia can you say to get on the. side in a long term contract six seven eight years so you secure so you can the you know you can go down make up every season goes through this year so you can take a break four months and then go back again isn't there and have you goal set to go you know put this on a cup so it's going to say well basically even more important than this don't spoil the country so for the country and the for obesity to have. in your resume let's put it that way to play for your country and the bring the gold because. it's going to be with you for the rest of your life that make up shape and also about it's only played in north america you know. all about the i want to talk to them about the stars because russia was so eager to have all there and ha players play
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in this olympics is it important do you think it's more important to have star players come together and then actually train the team. well you know what the one you played against against the best teams from canada from the u.s. and from sweden from czech republic slovakia switzerland so most of the guys. these days play and play hockey in the best they can a world national hockey league in north america and for the russian players you have to be you were. and you have to be candid to know honest and to see that we should one i mean who played against you know and to me there's no doubt in my mind nationally the national hockey league because it's a fear of europe you can play and and in that in that league players are getting shorter and better because of the competition and it's you got to. prove yourself every single night when you step on the ice and for many many years you know if you
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want to stay long or play like within fifteen twenty years it's a lot of it's a big commitment and and that's where you getting better and that's why you be in the recognised. like a great player in the will take over. keane sidney crosby you know and i want to know but i'm so so thinking when you're such a star in your n.h.l. team you probably have some sort of an ego and then you have all different n.h.l. stars put in a team together does that get in the way the personalities are there that's the that's the big issue if you they would see it because i can tell you why when the g.m. . putting the team together likes like sixteen get of the civilizing you got five other assistant g.m. like the people who work for they're going to chill clubs and the general manager so they they go in they go through like the least of eighty five one hundred
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players and they have to and they usually they can the best of the best and and the special role for example. don't lie and it's got to be a goal scorers and play makers and checkers and this and that so that's where you go to the team you know and always leave when the guys in the team like thirty and shell teams and then when they're making like twenty guy you can twenty guys out of like six hundred fifty players to play for kind of the place where he has to play for russia so every player got to eagle because he when you play for the capitals washington capitals so playing for chicago blackhawks you don't player there and you spend maybe twenty twenty five minutes twice them every night you know when you go play for. that you know russia so you've got like twenty guys hold the best you know and then that you have to put you go away. and do what i would needed for the country what it seem and this only to be x. a short period of time when you have to forget about how much time you have been
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how many goals you score but you know you have to see that at the end of the day you got to see that. nice colorado gold when you're in that clip he said became the champion so who cares how many means he played i mean those who score but does it seem you sacrifice you know you go and do your best for the country for the club and and you know it's nice to have a smile and to be a champion and that's that's. what you say that russian team has a great team spirit as of now i didn't see if it was a game of the tournament against slovenia but it's in a game you play and he's going to advance and it's not easy because of that you start you are getting used to the new yorker in a new environment the and the fans and the play at home and. i'm sure a lot of destruction is because of the fame of these and the friends and nowadays
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it's commuter and the instagram and a lot of different stuff you know because of what i play there. so. you can have no . so they it's. it's a good for the market and for the russian players when you come to play home so that's the trick you know you have to realize that you know that that's the. little things and you know thinking about or my brother you know so you've got to put them aside and. go and be honest with yourself and be honest with the people whose so the country will be watching and they're actually expecting you to go to turin so you're going to take a short break now and right after the break we're going to talk about the role of the captain and also what's the main task of the coach these days stay with us.
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be in the. now we're back on sophia go here from sochi with hockey's absolute legend eager to lead you on the you were like one of the five legendary hockey player stars in the year ceasar like super heroes back then did your personalities get it in a way of each other. we were talking about the soviet days and talking about soviet days eighty's and we didn't play for our north american teams play for the money. because we grew up with a system which is that you work was actually the main thing even today it's same
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thing but today now days when the players play and when the young so they go in for the for the personal. benefits which is you know you score many goals you know making many passes and going to get some bonuses you're going to get your contract so basically it's playing for yourself but they do good for the team too. and that was that's what the difference between the today generation in our generation so we were up in the system and you know we didn't care a score we care about that. and we play for shuttle so that's what those big because you're from storms you have skill we had a great amount of you do little like crazy let's put it that way and a mature nation and it was a show. and how do you sense it's also. playing the game nobody could play you know there are unified command unit and about today's. game
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a change and it will be different as the money change the game money change the game to buy the money always for in north america and shell so for the russian players. when i'm on the plane for this sort of a union so we're making the maybe like three hundred fifty rubles a month which was actually a good money back and said he needed a good money but you played against in that show guys and the cowboy or played. like a super serious like during christmas break her christmastime so you played against the guys who make you make it five hundred thousand dollars you know so and then. and you actually you've been successful against them because you were like three hundred roubles and they're playing against like half a million a million dollars contracts and. maybe maybe seventy seven percent of our games have been successful for us so then you go to north america and then you've got you've got the agent you've got advisers and they feel they you know you want to get the nice car you want to get
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a nice house or you've got to play well the best six q or statistics you know so that's what started to start to understand you worry about yourself you worry about like how many goals how many points i have now and major can go into the g.m. and they look and look at that these numbers you know that they are making like a two million you got you boys and then you are making like seventy seven hundred thousand and i got seventy five points so i want to have like that million dollar contract so it's all about. it's good players' minds but when you go to the play for for the country so that's a different approach to disability it at the end they told me that the stick doesn't matter the end and the result it's important so you had. both of the two worlds hand on your heart what was emotionally more fulfilling and thrilling to you can separate like you know the you know i can i can tell you i would be more than
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happy to come to north america when i was eighteen. make a lot of money and sort of i mean that there's twenty nine when the basically most of the players were going through that area from the game. but the same time when you're playing for the team and the and for the country and the unit like a plate in the wind and they're going to agree the unit. the way we played it's it's very hard to describe because it's it's a game. you know because we play the game it's. based on the skilling proposition and and the tremendous understanding and i could sense. if you make much money you can kind of regret about that but same time been successful in the media and everything and be like i called red machine. around the world so that's to me i was lucky enough to play. my career in the sort of union and more than half of north america so about making more money do you think you would have been as successful
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without each other in a team when the five of you were just beatable or it's to five of you that made that team work it had to happen gradient all five of you. well that's a tough question for the answer because you know when you grow up in the system like sort you and you got there that would seem. a privilege and the rights to pick any player in the russian territory sort of territory bring it to the club and train these players for you let alone months or year and year after year all this you have a chance like to be successful and it's the best players you can imagine going to once you win trade every single day two three times a day for like ten twelve years and they're all you know or be individual like for example with a vision that's so so they gave me the plane and the same line for five or seven years. going to north america in the. morning so they got skill and they got
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time to get used to to the north american style and they got the patients from that measurement. developed a lot of play the game and they were in the game instead of the game and be the best so that's the. difference why do you think that's a question isn't to be kept in a team well you know what he's been the most consistent player for the last ten years for some of the russian players number one number two he's been. i would say the oldest guy that you know thirty five. number three series has been working nice to be recognized as one of the best players in the game today so obviously. to have a guy who want to stanley cups who won the world championships and been playing for the top team and that's how you know the detroit red wings there is. there's a lot of choices you know there's always
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a debate going on whose role is more important the coaches or the captains you know how can team what do you think so they can feel you. they cooper agaves to get other mistaken they had fortune captains fourteen captains from different in the show teams so it's the coach well you know what coach. running the bench you know coach made the line combinations seeing the game much in the lines and it's kind of the hawk it's there will always be much in the lines and the who play guess who but the players you have so they all like fourteen captains they all leaders in the team so they know what it takes that they could. use to go to the next level to help to support the your alignment and so you made to block the shot and and you know make some make make second effort to help the goalie you know to make a safe so that's the kind of nation and the coaches and the players and the game will keep those who have more success are going to have to because you know there
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was there was people they know how to. make the team play well and bring didn't seem to get there when the struggles. it's a privilege to have that many captains and once you but talk a lot of coaches i mean you had one of the most legendary coaches in senate union but also i will a scared and think he was known to be like a ruthless man is fear also a factor driving you to success who are talking about the bus or talking about the path that is already in today's game when you were playing in a seventeen. well you will get what you played for that it's human. you know you've got to let yourself be you are basically your army and you have to be a general or corporal and the u.i. is a soldier so you have no rights like to say anything so you just go out and play is that what it was like being an army when you're always everybody could do what you play for them for the red army team. it's your goal it's you're talking about the
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head coach head coach beaters you kind of he was a head coach for the red army team and also for the nationals so basically you have the same guy all civil war for eleven months and the next season again and season after again very scared of him it's not scary always so you know it's something some point you start to rebel against like a coach gets he's got there should because you argue it's a great game but it's not. you so life. goes you know you it's mutual you go. to work and the joy did you enjoy the game and to do your best. after that so you got to have some personal life too about that you have that in today's world under this conditions where manny is a very big factor and also you've got so many great teams playing great hockey what is coaches main task how to sit discipline a team well he well they have to understand the game today it's a little different in different state than twenty years ago you know you can see
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the countries like norway denmark switzerland. they all have a good teams germany so everybody play how can i say it's not easy to go against slovenia like that a. russian team play against i mean and. they will have a difficult time because everybody can play well but also like back in soviet times i feel like if you'd lost the game it was equal to a crime you're probably afraid of come back to the country or something you know what it's i don't think you should talk about that the obviously you were coming to support it about that when they were going to like the. one hundred thirty four your civil suit looking about that in the mirror by the miracle of ice on the team you say. assembled by from. players from colleges in the united states and the beat one of the best teams in the history of sort of theory and so that was disaster that was like a big shock but that's hockey that's that's life that's the one game make
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a huge difference so that's that's what the olympics is all about so now we we move into like a stage of the. one who's going to quarterfinals. and you're going to see tension . in the air when the players start to play because every mistake every little detail every. remark he thinks happens in the day's going to go to. you or are going to bring you down and you're going to lose that chance to move on to the next round and to the finals and the gold medal so that's what. today's you know the you know it's sort of psychological game through but for our guys for russians who are competing on their home ground do you thing it's more of a pressure on the contrary they feel more at ease it's a pressure you know it's a pressure because of that. we're talking about the best like you can now about the
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. great glory days and and everybody trying to. you know everybody from every friend every media. outlet and. trying to tell the russian players so this is like your chance like a home. you have a best players and their whole country behind you is very very expensive games. you know so you have to go out and do your best and that's the unfortunate fortune of the everybody saying like in the media. of course and if you someone just hockey it's a lot of different used to prince and. you successful sort of forget about every loss like a button by a long or a speed skating or illusion or. actual trek or whatever they sports only picks. should be the champions who really were there when the gold medals and the as i can
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see in mind the pics and we have the whole but also the other sports we've been successful because i'm sure everybody will see the best that's still there you know what i want to thank you very much for this interesting insight and your time. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and our crafts we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing define ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. so obviously one of the russian also for the continuation of nature they want to sell the american hard tech weaponry submarines missiles all the rest of it to the new countries new new markets expanding markets because most of these countries of course who are previously on circuit equipment seeing their needs as rationale is still much more politico and city jake than certainly economic toboggan between
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the europeans who wants to go with the united states remain committed to their security and the united states who want to see a european story we know that we are not like you just i could jump in and ask you could if i could jump in and ask you i mean they want washington because they want the american taxpayer to pay for it because the united states pays the vast majority of the bill for nato so this is free riding that's what they want you know no no they don't want they're not the security of this is really an evolution is this they want someone else in times of austerity particularly now with the american taxpayer picking up the american defense industries would be more. than happy to do it live. for. the interview. cut loose.
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transit. your best way to the heart of moscow. go do it if you're sick to me his face was rather shortness of breath a burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure these symptoms are indicative of a soon to happen heart attack u.s. prison officials say they'll now help russian conduct constantine get a shanker with the move coming only us in moscow weighed in. mother nature's spoils the should be shot on day ten of the winter olympics with at least two stops postponed due to think. the russian hockey squad prepares to take on the way in belfast playoff game which talks of the mind who led the red machine to olympic silver back.


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